Out With The Old… In With The New

BMW have planned to end production of the current 3-series in October. This has been a hugely successful model and I am sure it will continue to do so. In terms of value for money, it really defines absolute quality without tearing your bank account apart. The varieties of engine sizes and different packages you can get are endless making it fully up to the customer to choose what their hearts desire.
M6 rims??? Beautiful lines…

The new next generation 3-series will be joining us around March in 2012 so it is a bit of wait for those hungry to have the latest version kind of people. Here are some pics of the model we can expect and by the looks of things, not much has changed. In this version however, the 335is, it looks much more aggressive with the M3 type rear and a wider stance. Not a dramatic enough change for me I feel but hey its not up to me in the end…


Love the twin rear exhaust and M3 style rear bumper
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