Another Tuned BMW 1M Coupe

With the new BMW 1M Coupe becoming a hot favourite for car enthusiasts, tuners the world over are uber keen to get their hands on one to do what they do best. Kelleners is the latest company who turned their attention to the baby beemer. The most notable improvement is the what they did to the engine. Boosted horsepower from 332hp to a monstrous 404hp. It has been named the KS1-S. Kelleners said that they managed this with a little engine mapping and a new exhaust.

Visually the car looks even meaner than it does standard. New aero-kit and big 20″ wheels fitted on independently adjustable suspension. Interior has also been tampered with where they have applied a two-tone leather and the new Alcantara on any surface you can see. Remove the stripes and I will be first in line to get one of these little demons.

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