Forza 4 to Feature Jeremy ‘Jezza’ Clarkson

Those of us passionate racing game people will know that Forza is right up with the best racing games in the world. Forza 4 is due for release and it looks like they will use Clarkson’s voice and knowledge for the development of the game. Apparently there is a game showroom where you can examine the cars in high detail and Jezza provides the gamer with his very unique opinion on the cars. Not only will it feature his voice but will include the all-time show favourite, car soccer mini-game, star in a reasonably priced car and possibly some Top Gear challanges. If the commentary includes some of his awesome catchphrases then I am sure you will be seeing some avid PS3 owner’s making the switch to Xbox just for this game! I know I would… Cannot wait!
Screenshot from the Forza 4 game looks mighty impressive
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