Guest Post: autoVec – The One Simple Step to Save Fuel and Increase Your Engine’s Efficiency

It’s pretty obvious that most normal daily drivers often lookout for ways to save fuel. Even if their rides have pretty low fuel consumption, it’s never enough and that’s just us, humans. As the title states, I’ll be posting a basic step to save fuel and thankfully, it doesn’t cost much. We’re talking about the Iridium Spark Plug. Before I proceed, let me talk about what a spark plug does in short.
What is a spark plug and what does it do?
A spark plug is basically a very basic but important part of the car. It ignites our car’s basic necessity, petroleum or gasoline by an electrical spark which the spark plug produces. The spark plug is placed in the cylinder head of an engine and without a spark plug, the car won’t be able to even start.
So how does a small and simple looking part helps in saving fuel?

Unlike normal spark plugs, the Iridium Spark Plug is much more durable and that itself, would be a huge reason to use it. The Iridium Spark Plug is able to withstand 3 times of what a normal spark plug does in terms of mileage before changing spark plug. Not only that, the Iridium Spark Plug is able to take 8 times more pressure than of a normal spark plug. As the nature of an iridium spark plug is the quality of the spark plug itself, the sparks that is produced by it increases in terms of quality which helps better fuel ignition and hence, increases a car’s fuel efficiency. But wait, that isn’t just it..The Iridium Spark Plug, although doesn’t increase your stock engine’s horsepower, it does however, increases it’s efficiency to produce the horsepower that it should be well generating. That’s when people often say “The Iridium Spark Plug increases power” which is fairly true as it does, but not more than what your original horsepower is. It only maximize it’s efficiency. So in simple and short terms, the Iridium Spark Plug not only helps save fuel, but increases the efficiency of your stock engine’s power. That’s a whole lot of plus that should be given when considering changing spark plug right? Follow us with these simple tips and avoid those huge holes in your pocket! 🙂 

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Written by: autoVec

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