Guest Post: Jason Acar – Does Your Car Pass The “Real Man Test”?

Cars have always been linked with manliness. Whether you are a suave business man in the latest Mercedes Benz, or an outdoorsman who sees rocky mountains as a racetrack, a car will tell a lot about who you are. If you want to make sure that your car passes the man test, check off the following things below:

  • Do you have air freshener?
You might as well be wearing a dress. At all times, a man’s car should smell of leather, food or passing winds. If you have ever said: “Mmm, apple cinnamon is the best smell in the world,” you better sign up for the army. The one and only time it would be alright for your car to smell of a perfume is if it was recently cleaned or you had a beautiful women in the passenger seat.
  • Does it have a gear lever?
This is simple – automatic cars are for women, the disabled and the elderly. If you are a real man, you should control every aspect of your driving experience – and that includes shifting gears. If you are healthy and driving an automatic car, you are either the laziest person on the planet or clearly born into the wrong gender. A real man never complains about his foot getting cramps from the clutch, instead he looks at it as a foot workout.
  • Is there anything furry in the cabin?
A teddy bear would be acceptable if you have children, and they are in the car with you at the time. If your seats are covered in fake animal fur and a fluffy die is hanging from the rear-view mirror, then you better be packing a whole lot of “employees” at the back in skimpy clothing. If not, you seriously need to sit down and chat with your parents.
  • Can you fit a deer in the trunk?
No? Well, that probably means that you own a Mini Cooper and you secretly crave affection from another man. If you only have enough space for a small manbag, then obviously you don’t care about having cases of beer, a tent and a full survival kit on hand at all times.

If you are not 100 percent certain that you have all of these things covered, then you better get outside and check before your reputation is ruined. Also, if you own a Volkswagen Beetle (the old school version, not the ladybug-like new one), you automatically qualify – as long as you removed those hipster flowers and replaced them with skulls.

Author Bio: Jason Acar has written about many an issue and has always had a love for cars. He has written about many car aspects from hiring a limo in Cape Town, finding a limo to hire to what to look for when buying your dream car.

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