Tanner Foust’s Personal Cars

I am not sure if anyone else was interested to know this but I certainly was. In a recent interview, Tanner shed some light on his personal cars and his favourite cars which I was stoked to hear about. I was under the impression that he would own all these mad cars but in fact is the complete opposite. So he likes to equate girls to cars and mentions the following in his interview:

  • “A girl who wears 4inch pumps and a mini skirt” – Ferrari
  • “Girl next door” – Porsche 911 Turbo or Pickup Truck

One of his favourite cars is a Zonda because it sticks out due to its “overly aggressive extorior but highly luxurious driving”

His Garage:

BMW M3 (as above)
Porsche 76 912V
Toyota Tundra Supercharged
Ford 350 (6,7l Diesel) – “because it can tow a building”

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