Spotted: Merc CLS 63 AMG

While strolling around Cape Town, I recently came across a massive  Merc CLS63 AMG. I had not see one in the flesh until now and I am thoroughly impressed! The size of the wheels and the brakes stand out properly and the 4 square’ish’ loud pipes at the rear makes it tell anyone that this thing means business. With 410kW and 800Nm on tap, this monster can hit 100km/h in 4.4seconds but all of this comes at quite a price. A cool R1.3million! Ouch! The one I spotted was matte gold and absolutely spotless, apparently you can spec this beast in a couple of matte colours. Good work Mercedes-Benz!

Over the weekend, someone decided that the car needed to make friends with the pavement. While someone was on their “dream drive”, it came to an abrupt end when it smashed into the pavement and destroyed the front wheel and axle. Expensive mistake!
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