Western Cape Accident Footage – VERY Graphic

I recently watched some of the clips that the Western Cape have released of actual very real traffic accidents. I must warn you that if you are sensitive then DO NOT WATCH the following clips. It is kind of a shock treatment idea that they are going for I think and I must admit some of them took my breath away!

Crash Witness 1: Coming up from UCT towards De Waal, car loses control and slams into another vehicle causing it to roll violently and end up in flames.

Crash Witness 2: Earlier on in the say a Golf drives off the road into a lightpole which you will see fall into the road, when the repair crew are there later on in the day fixing the pole, that is when the massive collision happens.

Crash Witness 3: Some person walking across the road hesitates and so does the car coming at him. Very graphic.

Crash Witness 4: This crash is truly horrific. An innocent driver in a blue Jeep is taken out by another car who loses control. The driver of the jeep is flung from the vehicle.

Crash Witness 5: Another graphic collision of a pedestrian. Dont know how the driver did not see this happen. Looks like a hit and run.

Crash Witness 6: Car ploughs through the armco barriers and comes to abrupt halt.

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