GSC Mercedes CLS63 AMG Stealth

Ok ok, I cannot believe my eyes this morning. This kit for the CLS63 has completely blown the likes of Mansory and Hamann out of the water. Introducing the GSC (German Special Customs) Stealth. The kit is quite easily in the top 3 of most extreme. To be honest, it is flipping awesome! I am sure some machine guns can be installed as an extra too because this thing really does look like a Stealth fighter. The insane bodykit comprises of: front apron, vented bonnet, black grille, spoiler lip, huge wheel arches, even huger side skirts and a very sensible rear spoiler. The icing on the cake is the matte grey finish with those deep concave glossy black wheels. Nothing has been said on performance upgrades but I can tell you not many people will challenge this thing on the roads… It is proper SCARY!

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