1000th Post: Collection of #Doucheplates

So I was pondering as to what to write for the 1000th post and I was given an idea by one of my followers to post as many pictures as possible of all the #doucheplates seen around South Africa. For those who are not familiar with this, then here is a quick explanation. Personalized number plates are apparently not cool (even though I personally own one) but mine is my nickname that all my friends have called me since school and still do to this day so I am not ashamed of it. A majority of them are so ridiculous that it makes the driver look like a douche even though he/she might be the most genuine person. So with this being said, here is the collection of doucheplates presented by the coolest car blog, Zero 2 Turbo. If one of them is yours, don’t get offended. I actually quite like a few of them and its just a joke… Click read more to see all of them…

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