Guest Post: Few Simple Ways to Sell Car For More

When selling your car, you are going to want to get as much as possible out of the sale. The best way to go about this is to ensure that your car is not only ready to be sold, but that it is in good driving condition. It needs to look good and sound good, while the potential buyer is also able to learn as much as possible about it before purchasing.

If the car is not ready to be sold, it is very likely that you will not get what you are asking for your car. Potential buyers may try to bring down the price due to issues that you could have settled before you began to list it. Ensure that you are fully prepared to hand the keys to a new owner. If you are, then the potential buyer will have a much more pleasurable buying experience with you.

Gathering Important Records

When I decided to sell my car, the first thing I did was gather all of the important records on my vehicle. These are very important for potential buyers, as they can display any and all service done on the vehicle. The title is also very important, so be sure that you have it on hand. If it has been lost, you will need to order a duplicate title. Service records can tell a potential buyer whether or not you have taken good care of the car during your stretch of ownership. It also lets them know which problems frequent the vehicle, which can influence their decision to buy.

Once you have all of these records together, place them in an envelope together so that you can easily reach for them every time someone decides to view and test drive the vehicle. They will be more than happy to see that the records are open for viewing.

Figure Out Your Car’s True Value

One method of evaluating your vehicle’s value is to check the Kelley Blue Book listing for the vehicle. These can be fairly accurate, but only when the market is in good standing and the vehicle is not overly common in your area. Once you have this value, compare it to other selling prices for your model in the area. Try  checking out dealership listings online, as these will give you the best estimate. You can also check to see what current owners are selling their vehicles for, as low asking prices can usually point towards a low demand for that particular model. Be sure to remember that flaws or damages will bring down the value of the vehicle, so making a few cheap repairs could be
in your favor.

Give the Vehicle a Makeover

When something looks good and clean, it is always going to bring a higher price than its dirty or unkempt twin. Give your vehicle a bath, and clean all trash from the interior. Remove clutter, make small repairs, shine up the leather, and vacuum the carpeting and seats. Once the vehicle looks
good and smells good, it will leave a good impression on viewers.

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