5 Tips To Look After Your Tyres and Yourself

Tyres are absolutely critical when it comes to safety and keeping your four wheels planted firmly on the ground. People often underestimate the importance of tyres and hardly ever pay them any attention. Below is a small list of a few things you can to keep your tyres in good condition and ultimately keep you and your passengers safe.

1.Tyre Pressure

Possibly the most important tip to keep your tyres in good condition is to regularly check the pressures. We all have to fill up with petrol at least once a month so why not get them checked while the car is filling up. The recommended pressures are inside the manual for your car, inside the petrol cap and sometimes the petrol attendants are clued up enough to help you out.
2. Direct Sunlight
If it can be avoided then I recommend you do so. Direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time can cause the rubber to deteriorate and start to crack. This makes the tyre very unsafe and reduces the tyre lifespan dramatically.
3. Wheel Alignment
Check the tread every now and then, if you can see it is wearing out unevenly then you know there is something wrong with the wheel alignment. Other drivers may notice the steering wheel pulling to one side when driving at higher speeds. This needs to be fixed ASAP as it is damaging the tyres and reducing their lifespan.
4.Puncture / Flat
It is not unheard of to get a puncture or flat tyre these days but they are easily fixable. If it is a small hole and nowhere near the sidewall of the tyre then it can simply be plugged by your local tyre dealer. If the hole is too large to be plugged or the sidewall is damaged then you may need to buy a new tyre or set of tyres.
Filling your tyres up with Nitrogen prolongs the life of the tyre and decreses the rolling resistance slightly. This ultimately increases fuel economy which everyone wants these days. It is slightly harder to find nitrogen to top up the tyres when needed but if you are dedicated to maintaining your tyres then this is the option to go for.

PS: Always make sure the spare wheel is inflated to the correct pressure and in good condition. You never know when the unexpected will happen.
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