Guest Post: Customizing Your Honda Accord For Performance and Style With Parts and Accessories

Honda has come a long way since they started manufacturing automobiles. One of their best-selling models is the Honda Accord. It has become a best-seller for several reasons. These vehicles are known to last a long time and they tend to be affordable. With the price of gas ever on the rise, everyone is concerned about the money they are spending at the pump. The Honda Accord is known for its outstanding gas mileage. This can help cut costs at the pump and put more of the savings back into your pocket.

On its own, the Honda Accord is a good vehicle, but that does not mean that you can’t make your Accord even better. There are several accessories that can make your Honda Accord look attractive and perform better. It may even be possible to squeeze more miles out of each gallon of gas. Here are some things that you can do to your Honda Accord to add more style or increase performance.

Increasing the Performance of Your Honda Accord
There are several things that you can do to increase the performance of your Accord. Let’s take a look at the
most simple performance upgrades.

Air filter – Don’t underestimate the power of your Honda Accord’s air filter. The standard air filter that comes with the vehicle works excellent, but the problem is that most people don’t replace it often enough. A clogged air filter can reduce the performance. You can replace the air filter yourself without any special tools. You can also upgrade the air filter in your Honda Accord to a high-flow air filter. The high-flow air filter allows more air into the engine, which can boost fuel combustion. This simple replacement can achieve big performance gains.
Spark plugs – The standard spark plugs in your Honda Accord should be replaced regularly. The next time your spark plugs are replaced, try using a performance set of spark plugs. They may cost a little more, but they can increase the performance of your vehicle and possibly improve gas mileage.
Performance chip – Some of the later model Honda Accords use a computer to help control airflow and gas consumption. This computer is controlled by one chip, which can be replaced with a high-performance chip that will adjust the fuel and air flow into the engine. Ultimately, this upgrade can increase the performance of
your Honda Accord.

Add Some Style to Your Honda Accord
Not every upgrade to your Honda Accord will exist strictly under the hood. There are several bolt-on Honda Accord parts and accessories that can add a sense of personal style to your vehicle.

Tint Your Windows
If your Honda Accord did not come with factory window tinting, then this is one easy way to customize its look. This is a job that many people choose to do themselves. Window tinting kits can be purchased locally or through online automotive parts stores.

Change out the Stock Wheels and Tires
The stock wheels and tires that come with the Honda Accord look excellent, but your Honda Accord might look even better with a set of custom rims and wheels. These are often the first things that people see when they look at a car. It’s an excellent way to make your Honda Accord stand out.

Switch Up Some Interior Items
There are several interior parts that can be easily customized, too. You can change out your standard gas and brake paddles with something that has a little more style, and you can swap out the gear shift knob for something that might be a little more personal. You can even go so far as to replace the seats in your Honda Accord with a more stylish or comfortable set. Throw in a set of racing seats and your Honda Accord will definitely be a unique ride.

These are just a few ways that you can increase the performance and add style to your Honda Accord. Finding the Honda Accord parts that you need for these upgrades is fairly simple. There are plenty of online stores thatnsupply all of these parts, as well as other accessories.

About the Author: Jimmy Faulkner is a contributing author and auto enthusiast who has owned two Honda
Accords. His 1995 Accord is still going strong at 220,000 miles, which “…just goes to show that regular upkeep can do wonders.”

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