Guest Post: Vehicle Upgrades for Off-Roading

Taking the time to head off-road and drive through unknown places is one of the most thrilling adventures someone could have. There is the freedom of exploration, the excitement of not knowing what you will see, and the fun of discovering rarely explored terrain. But if you are going to partake in such an aggressive and unfamiliar endeavor than you need to make sure you are properly prepared. Even the best manufactured 4×4’s need a few upgrades to make them better equipped to handle what someone might run into going off-road.

One of the first investments a driver will want to make would be a lift kit. There are two types of kits, one for the body and one for the suspension. The idea is that the frame and the vehicle will be lifted a few more inches off the ground allowing for a greater clearance to ride over rocks and difficult or uneven terrain. Do the research and know which kit will best suit your needs. They both have their pluses and minuses including limitations in what they will enable, as well as prices for the upgrade.

Once you have a lift kit the next purchase can be a bigger, more capable set of tires. There are two main aspects to decide on when buying tires for off-roading, the tread and the size of the tire. With a lift kit the vehicle will be able to have larger tires, but that may also mean adding different brakes or other more costly upgrade to gearing and such. The tread is important because it will help give you the traction you need traveling through wet, rocky, muddy, or unstable ground areas. Although it may be impossible to know, having an idea of what you will mostly be driving on will help with this decision because what travels well on smooth services like road or rock will not be as capable in muddy or wet conditions.
In addition to the outer vehicle upgrades, the engine will need a little help too. A cold air intake system is so important in various off-road situations. It will affect the strength of the engine including both the torque as well as the horse power abilities. This upgrade will give added performance when needed as well as be better on overall fuel consumption. Regardless of whether you want to do higher end racing, or take your time climbing over rocks and mountains a cold air intake will keep your engine from getting too bogged down or completely breaking down.

Along with these upgrades adding a better suspension system, a snorkel, and even a winch should be basic. These additional items will help you in more extreme situations to stay safe and get out of wherever you have gotten into. It isn’t too hard to find these products with sites like CSE Offroad you can find a plethora of choices as well as information to help make your decisions about what enhancements would be best for your adventures.
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