Details Revealed on New 2015 Caterham Car

I am not sure if you all know but I read a while back that Caterham and Renault have been collaborating on a new sports car for a few years. Some of the figures have been revelaed by the Caterham commercial director, David Ridley. The price tag will sit at 40 000GBP and the car will be powered by a supercharged four-cylinder pushing an impressive 270hp. It will be offered in both 6 speed manual and a semi-automatic paddle shift. The main aim of the car is to topple the new Lotus Evora as Ridley stated that “the Evora is too expensive and makes life too hard for the owners”. Deliveries will only be late 2015 early 2016 so be patient but I am sure we will see an awesome little sports car coming from these guys…

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