Seriously Quick 2014 Audi RS7 Sportback Unveiled

Here we finally get to see the latest member of the Audi RS line, the RS7 5-door coupe. Styling is very German but the performance is bonkers! 0 to 100km/h comes up in a radical 3.9 seconds which is quite capable of matching and beating many supercars. Cosmetically the RS7 Sportback from the front is fantastic but the only hiccup for me would be the “overkill” quattro badge on the front. The rear is smooth and sleek but not aggressive enough for me. An important aspect with the RS7 is that it is significantly faster than the BMW M6 Gran Coupe (4.1 seconds). What is powering this beast? It is only a 4-liter V8 but it has been given 2 fat turbo’s to produce the same 560hp as the BMW. If you take the limiter off, you will hit a casual 305 km/h. The Audi RS line are just getting so quick it is scary… Beware AMG and BMW M Division!!

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