BMW 2-Series Hitting Production in November 2013

Here we have it, the upcoming 2-Series tuned by the Motorsports division of BMW. Reports from BMW Blog who has managed to see internal production schedules suggests that the M235i will start to roll of the production line in November 2013. It will be powered by the same 320hp straight-six engine that is fitted the to the M135i but will have better brakes, suspension and some other changes that make it an M-tuned car. Best news for me? Well it won’t have the same unattractive lights as the current 1-Series so I am hoping it will be a real looker! For those who are a little confused, the 2-series is the 2-door version of the 1-series (kinda like the new 4-series to the 3-series). If it looks anything like this below render, I think the order books will be flooded!

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