New F150 Ferrari Owners Are Chosen Of Course…

During a presentation someone managed to get a picture of a plaque with a sketch of the new supercar on it. This rendering below is based on the sketch that was seen so the profile is probably the closest we have seen yet. Most important news is that all 499 copies will get an owner that will be selected by Ferrari. People who have driven Ferrari’s for a few years will most likely be offered and high status celebs too. Every F150 will be delivered at the factory and the owner will get special contract stating he/she is required to own the car for at least 2 or 3 years. If they decide to sell the car, Ferrari has the first right to purchase the F150 for the original price. Quite a plan I must admit but some seem to think it is to prevent people knowing exactly how many copies Ferrari really make. They did the same with the Enzo as we know they made more then the originally planned 499. I wonder who the select few are who will be getting one of these monsters!

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