UPDATE: Is This Lamborghini’s Geneva 2013 Surprise? The Veneno

So I have shared with you all that we can expect a Lamborghini surprise at Geneva in the next few days well this just might be it. It is called the Veneno and the photo appears to be real and shares some details on the new car. It will get a slightly beefed up Aventador engine which produces 740hp and will be good for a 220mph top speed. Price tag set at £3.1million (approx R44mil) this could be the most expensive Lamborghini yet? Only 3 have been scheduled for production each gets a colour scheme from the Italian flag meaning one will be red, one will be white and the other will be green. Veneno translates to Poison in Spanish and judging by the aggression in this car that is very fitting! The looks are somewhat of a cross between an Aventador and Sesto Elemento to me? If you have that amount of money which not many people do, it is too late anyway, they are ALL sold…

UPDATE: More pictures showing how bonkers this car looks!

Pics via AutoForum.cz
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