La Other Colours for LaFerrari

We have only seen LaFerrari in the launch Red, otherwise known as “Rosso Corsa” which looks fantastic but for those who are lucky enough to be invited to buy one can also be adventurous and make their new Ferrari Hypercar stand out even more! What do you think of the colours? Which would you choose and why? Some of these are not official Ferrari colours so don’t expect them to be available but if you have the money you can pretty much do what you want! I have put my top 3 colours first followed by the other slightly ‘different’ Ferrari colours. Click read more…

ferrari laferrari blue
ferrari laferrari lime green

ferrari laferrari grey

ferrari laferrari yellow

ferrari laferrari grey green

ferrari laferrari purple

ferrari laferrari pink purple

Pics via CarScoop
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