Meet The Men Who Paid for The New Veneno Without Even Seeing It

Lamborghini were very clever when it came to this Geneva surprise by distracting us with a new “front-engined V12 supercar”. I even fell for it by posting more than one article on this car blog. Well I can tell you I wasn’t disappointed the slightest when I first saw pictures of the Veneno and I am sure the men who paid $4million for them were happy too. As a child I had pictures all over my room of the Diablo, Countach and Murcielago and this would be put right up there with them. Antoine Dominic, former Ferrari customer and current owner of Lamborghini Long Island and Kris Singh, MD of Tequesta Investments both forked out the money for the monster only after seeing renderings. Kris has begged Winkelmann to sell him the Estoque and will buy the Lambo SUV as soon as it hits the showroom floors. Both the new owners have promised ‘us’ that the Veneno’s will not be hidden and will be driven like they are meant to be! Antoine will keep his on his showroom floor and Kris will drive his around Florida as much as possible. Well done guys, I think you have sold your INSANE new car to the right guys. Now we sit and wait to see them in action!

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