World’s Fastest Street Legal Car made by Weber Sportcars

They call it F1 (short for the fastest one) but also likely because the team behind the build is made up of engineers from the BMW and Sauber Petronas Formula 1 team. The Weber F1 has a V10 engine that is packed to the brim with 1200hp which enables the car to hit 100km/h in under 2.5 seconds and go all the way to exceed 400km/h. The most insane stat would have to be the 0 to 300km/h mark being reached in just 16.2 seconds. Not to be outdone by Ferrari and McLaren, they have also realized a KERS system will be necessary in the future which will increase the power output to 1600hp. The F1 comes with carbon fibre chassis (only weighs 65kg), and an intelligent AWD system which help it reach the astonishing sprint time. The 5.6-liter V10 has two turbochargers and outputs 882kW and 1250Nm of torque. Do you think they have managed to make the most bonkers car in the world or is just a whole lot of speculation?

worlds fastest production car

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