Caractere Golf 6 GTI is A Giant Killer For Sure!

This is one serious Golf 6 and not to be messed with when lining up next to it at a robot. This particular car has had a Revo Stage 3 tune up which includes KO4 turbo files, water methanol injection system, ITG air intake system, S3 intercoole, and a forge twin intercooler kit. So what does this get you performance wise? Well an astonishing 268kW and 520Nm of torque. This hot hatch hits 100km/h in a screaming 4.8 seconds and I would be a little nervous watching this thing come up behind me. The bodykit and wheels are by Caractere and these are very much the stand out features on this car… What you think of this ride? Would you do this to your Golf 6 GTI or are you happy with it standard?

[Source: AutoDrift Pics: XclusivModz]

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