Gallardo LP570-4 Performante Spyder Spotted in Repair Shop in Durban

I was sent these pictures by a Zero 2 Turbo follower of a Gallardo standing in a panelbeater. There is little information available on this particular accident but the panelbeater said that the car had been standing in his shop for over 6 months. The owner, who lives in Umhlanga, lost control, spun the car and ended up smashing all 4 wheels and destroying the rear suspension. It looks like a fairly expensive fix and this is probably why the car has not been touched since the incident. If you have any more info, feel free to comment below or contact me on Twitter.

UPDATE: The car belongs to a 25 year old man who co owns a night club. This is unfortunately the second time this Gallardo has been damaged. A year ago a van reversed into the bonnet outside the club. This particular accident happened during heavy rains which means the car could have aquaplaned.

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