Spotted: Finally I Have Seen An Aventador In The Flesh In South Africa

Got a twitter tip-off that there was an Aventador in Sandton, Johannesburg, yesterday evening and so I decided to take a drive down there and have a look myself. I wasn’t expecting to see it there but when my eyes saw it I actually got nervous. It was like meeting or seeing a girl you have had a crush on for so long… The Grigio Estoque Aventador sits SO low on the ground and looks even more aggressive up close than it does in pictures. I am still smiling after seeing it last night and I am sure all of you readers and followers are happy for me because we know how much I love it! I was trying to wait around to get a video of the car but the owner was nowhere to be seen! Till next time, here are all the pictures I managed to get! Click read more to see more pics!



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