Top 4 Car Crashes That Happen Soon After Purchase…

I don’t actually mean quickest as in speed but the quickest someone has managed to wreck their cars after collecting it from the dealer. There can’t be a more painful thing than driving your new set of wheels off the showroom floor and then ending up involved in an accident. If you have previously arrange insurance then this might not be the end of the world but if you had not sorted out the insurance prior then your pockets are in for a big hit! Below is a list of some of the notable accidents that have occurred in the shortest duration of ownership.

1. 2012 Mustang GT was completely demolished when the owner got a little excited with the power it could put out and ended up wrapping the car around a tree at very high speed. Driver had minor cuts and bruises by some miracle and if there was a passenger in the car I don’t think the result would have been the same for them. The worst bit about this crash was that it was only owned for 8 hours.

2. Ferrari 458 Italia was famously crashed by Afrojack after only owning the car for 44 minutes. The difference with this crash is that he was seen cruising in a brand new vehicle just a day later. When you have an insane amount of money then you can

3. Lamborghini Murcielago is still one hell of a car but very manageable to drive. A couple recently purchased and collected an awesome black Murcielago from Newport Beach Lamborghini and then worked out that it is not the easiest car in the world to drive. The driver managed to lose control of the car when exiting the highway and crash into something causing significant front damage. The couple then frantically fled the scene for some reason and have not been found since. The car had been purchased a mere 4 hours before it was wrecked.

4. Ferrari 458 Underground Racing was totaled when the car’s brakes apparently failed at high speed on a runway. This was the only Underground Racing tuned 458 Italia so far and was wrecked after only 2 days of ownership.

This post goes to show just how important car insurance is and how important it is to have short term insurance such as insurance from Insure4aday before you go thrashing your new baby around on the tarmac.

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