Jon Olsson’s Extreme Gumball 3000 Car Revealed… Called Rebellion!

Jon Olsson is a massive Gumball 3000 fan and you should know this after we saw his bonkers Audi R8 in the 2013 Gumball3000. Here we get the first look at his Ultima GTR based Rebellion supercar which he will be using this year. It has been completely customised for the third time (he has used it before on Gumball) but this is the most dramatic looking one yet. It is very evident that Jon Olsson has a love for supercars so he has aimed at making this one look like a proper LeMans racer with features like the rear wing and vertical fin stretching to the rear of the car. No word has been mentioned as to what is powering this mean machine but I am sure it will be something special to work with the special looks. Stay tuned for more pics and information… Don’t you all wish you could do the Gumball3000?

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