Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Hong Kong Gathering Had Some ‘Special’ Bulls…

We know 2013 is Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary thanks to the epic Aventador 50th Anniversario that we recently saw but the main attraction is the Grande Giro which is a big celebration by driving Lamborghini’s to Santa’Agata. This has not stopped people from around the world celebrating too and Hong Kong did just that! Hong Kong is no stranger to the exotics that are born in Sant’Agata so they had no problem getting a couple of them together. It seems the game of wrapping cars has caught on seriously in Hong Kong with some of the cars looking completely ridiculous and some that have been done with a big helping of taste. The stand out car at the show (for the right reasons) had to be the Aventador in Nero Nemesis complete with the TriColore stripe from the front to the back. Although this is one beautiful raging bull, it is completely overshadowed by the Gallardo’s on either side of it in full wrap. The new style Gallardo started life in a crisp white but was then ruined with a splash of green, red and silver detailing all over the car. One more for the ‘I have no taste’ collection was the orange Gallardo with bright green rims. So many different models were present and the awesome Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale still looks the most bonkers! Click read more for full gallery!

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