Leaked Pics of Team Galag’s One-Off TG1 Supercar for Gumball 3000

I am not going to explain what the Gumball 3000 is other than epic but if you recall I shared some pics with you of Team Galag’s Batman Tumbler recently. Well they are taking 2 cars on the rally and this new one is something special too! They call it the TG1 and it is built around the Nissan GT-R which is already a quick car. They went and tweaked the Japanese engine to push out a massive 750hp which brings the 100km/h sprint down to a bonkers 2.8 seconds. It has been kitted with a serious bodykit so much so that it is hard to recognize the GT-R but they have kept the interior standard. Better pictures will be available when they line up on the grid and this thing next to the Tumbler might just steal the show…

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