The Bonkers Pagani Zonda R Evolution Ready for Delivery to First Customer

The very first Pagani Zonda R Evolution is ready for delivery to one very luck owner. This is the balls-to-the-wall version and the must ultimate version of the Pagani Zonda R. They are only making 5 of these babies of which 4 are already sold. The car features a massive 800hp version of the Zonda V12 AMG engine and comes complete with new aero parts and better weight distribution. The price is €1 760 000 which equates to around R25 million. The Zonda R smashed the Nurburgring in 6:47 and seeing as the evolution is improved in both power and aerodynamics, you can be sure to shave a few seconds off that time. 100km/h in a blistering 2.7 seconds and top speed is over 350km/h. Absolute machine! One of my dream cars for sure!

[Source: GTSpirit]

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