Are Self Driving Cars the Future of Automobiles?

There has been quite a buzz about self driving cars lately. One might not have seem any mention of the same in automobile classified ads, but self driving cars are actually on their way. Experts strongly believe that self driving cars are the future of automobiles and everyone agrees. It is common knowledge that humans can’t always be trusted to drive properly. At times, people misjudge distance, drive with extreme aggression and talking on the phone and texting while driving causes lots of accidents everyday. With all these factors, it seems that the best thing to do is let the car drive itself.

While it is true that self driving cars exist, whether or not these would become an actual reality still remains to be seen. The biggest thing here is to get car companies to actually believe in the concept of a car that drives itself, and people, around and start making it for public consumption.

Why Self Driving Cars?
The main idea behind self driving cars is to introduce automobiles that work on their own, with as minimal human interference as possible. By taking human control away, designers of these cars hope to reduce accidents and increase road safety.

Imagine this – you would be able to read a book, text or talk on the phone or play on your laptop while the car takes you to wherever you need to go. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? With such technology, things would be much more comfortable for travelers. In addition, the traffic would be made smoother, roads would be safer and cars would be faster, which would directly lead to maximizing of fuel economy.

The inventor of GPS, Bradford Parkinson, recently shared that he strongly believes that driver-less cars are the future of automobiles and transport in general. With Google road testing the technology on roads, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the day when self driven cars are sold in markets isn’t very far.

Experts have time and again stressed that the cars are not responsible for accidents, drivers are. An automobile accident is seldom due to a technical error in the car, it is usually the result of the driver’s negligence. People get distracted very easily, but machines do not. This is why driver-less cars would, many believe, bring down the number of road accidents significantly.

Google’s self driving car has reportedly completed 400,000 miles already, and this is just the test phase. This figure is much more than an average motorist would cover in his or her entire lifetime. The driver-less car has held on pretty strong, it seems.

The day when driver-less cars would be available for everyone isn’t far. The reason these cars aren’t already sold on the open market is that the cars used for testing are very expensive and cannot be practically used for mass consumption. As soon as car companies start believing in self driving cars and produce them for public sale, the world of driving will change forever; perhaps receiving its first ever major overhaul.

A car driving itself is a fascinating concept. This could definitely be the future of automobiles.

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