Donto P1 is Argentina’s Competition to the Atom

Donto Motors are not exactly the most well known bunch but I remember seeing their preview of the P1 back in 2010. Now we see it in full production spec at the Beunos Aires Motor Show. Clearly more of a track day toy than an every day car and a direct competitor with the bonkers Aerial Atom and the KTM X-Bow. I quite like the look of the car and I get a sense that the designer has taken dramatic cues from the KTM and mixed it up with a bit of R8. The P1 weighs just 630kg thanks to all the fancy shmancy lightweight materials and when combined with a lovely 300 horsepower, one can expect to be given a hefty kick up the backside when the loud pedal is pushed to the floor. Removable steering wheel, plexiglass windscreen and 18″ wheels all mean for one hell of a fun car on the track. It is said to be priced in the region of $55k to $70k and I am not sure if SA will be getting any.


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