Guest Post: Trailer Security

Trailers retail at quite a high price, and even second hand ones can expect to fetch a substantial price. With this in mind, it is worth noting that trailer thefts are on the rise.

Of course there are also a lot of thefts happening of metal items which can be sold for scrap (as laws are still a little vague about scrap metal trade and it can be a great way to make quick money that leaves no trail). And guess what – your trailer is made of metal.
So with that in mind, here is short list of things that you can do to ensure the security of your trailer.

• Install a porch light. These lights turn on every time movement is detected and can be a great deterrent – it’s a wonder what a simple light can do. But it works – opportunistic thieves will see a badly lit house front as a good target so a well-lit home will put them off. It will also mean that local CCTV cameras will be able to identify them much easier should they still make an attempt.

• Secure it to your car with a shroud lock. These locks work by attaching the trailer and the car via the area at which they are attached. Opportunistic thieves are a lot less likely to steal a car just so they can have the
trailer, because it is a lot easier to get caught stealing a car.

• Don’t leave anything in the trailer overnight. Even if it is locked and covered. Don’t advertise your belongings.

• Use a wheel clamp. Once again, it is easy to steal a trailer with no security measures in place, as it is just a case of quietly lifting it from the owners car and attaching it to the thrives car. And the wheels make it even easier. They are what allow the silent thefts. So by adding a clamp to the wheel, it makes it almost impossible to drive off with it unless you have the key.

• Talk to a reputable supplier – they will be able to tell you all about the right options for you.

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