Guest Post: What Are The Best Hatchbacks?

Hatchbacks have not always enjoyed an extreme amount of popularity. This fact is not due to any issues with lack of performance in most cases. In fact, the majority of hatchback owners enjoy the utility that they offer and the features that allow for the combination of efficiency with ample storage space. Today, hatchbacks are experiencing a surge in popularity due to the recent enthusiasm that has come with the concept of the compact SUVs. The core idea that has made this type of vehicle so popular is not a far departure from the inspiration that first stood behind the development of the average hatchback. The following sports models are currently the most popular on the market. Their value, styling, and innovative incorporation of technology are letting drivers pack up and drive forward.
2013 Ford Fiesta
Ford is making its mark with a hatchback that can adequately compete with any of its other releases in 2013 on nearly all levels. The petrol efficiency is outstanding, and the handling allows drivers to feel as if they are behind the wheel of a vehicle that was designed exclusively with sports car tuning in mind. The Fiesta takes the brilliance that it applied to the chassis and suspension and uses it as a guide for designing a high-tech interior. The beloved Ford Sync technology eases drivers into the cabin and solidifies the driving experience with its incredibly smooth manual transmission. The Fiesta only seems to fall short when it comes to reliability over time and the raw horsepower that is at the disposal of the driver. If you feel the Ford Fiesta would be the right hatchback for you, it is very important to buy one from trusted dealerships such as Bristol Street Motors. That way you know you are getting a reliable and professional service.    
2013 Honda Fit
Honda has managed to produce a hatchback that makes wonderful use of cargo space in what would be considered to be an extremely small subcompact car. Another hatchback whose strength does not necessarily lie in its power, the Fit makes up for the fault by giving drivers an experience that is full of quick bursts and sharp manoeuvring capabilities. The 4-cylinder engine also excels when it comes to petrol economy, getting 28 mpg in the city and 35 on the motorway. The fit does not excel in all areas, however. Critics have cited the noisy interior and the fact that competitors in this class receive better marks when it comes to reliability. Despite the criticism, the low sticker price and the spaciousness dedicated to seating create a combination that buyers find to be extremely appealing.
2013 Mazda3
This manufacturer enters the running strong with its Skyactiv engine. The base model of this hatchback also offers buyers a considerable amount of power. The 4-cylinder engine is capable of putting 148 horsepower at the disposal of drivers. The Mazada3 excels in safety ratings, receiving nearly perfect marks from critics. This hatchback also stands at the top of its class by achieving 40 mpg on the motorway. Even a used Mazda click here in this model leaves buyers with an outstanding investment.
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