Guest Post: Why Buying a MINI is Ideal

Why buy a small car when you can have a huge car? There are tons of reasons. Obviously, the first one is fuel-economy. And the handling and performance can be much more personal and responsive in a smaller vehicle than a large one. What about style and design? How about comfort and safety features? These things are always considered when buying any car – or anything, for that matter.

The mini Cooper is small and it’s becoming more popular every year. It gets incredible fuel savings and the excellent performance and handling are pointed out highlighted by every reviewer and owner. Parking is a plus. It takes up less area and can fit into a motorcycle-sized parking space. These are just a few of the positives for the Mini Cooper. Not all small cars are built equally, you know. The Mini has been around long enough to be compared with the Volkswagen Beetle and although the Beetle is no longer manufactured the way it used to be, the Mini is still going strong.

It’s a great little car and every time you see one you want to take a closer look. I saw one the other day at the shopping center so I went up to take a peak at it. The closer I got, the better it looked. My first impression was that it was a very well built automobile. And even though for a moment I thought that I could pick it up by myself, I realized that this was a solid piece of work. It was substantial in all its little details. I didn’t touch it, because you know how people are about their cars, but I wanted to. I walked around the car, slowly taking in all of its glory and I wondered why I had never taken one for a test drive at Priority One Group.

Looking at the front part of the cabin, I imagined myself sitting behind the wheel of this little giant and screeching out of the parking lot. I then pictured myself in that Mini Cooper speeding across the desert, going two hundred miles an hour. Passing every other car on the road. The fun part was when I began heading toward the beach. When I reached the sand and saw the waves The Mini Cooper glided to a stop and let me out so I could admire her again and again, which I did. Then the owner came up to me and asked me if I like his car and I muttered something that sounded like a “yes” and I sadly meandered back to my big, ugly gas-guzzler.

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