Pogea Racing Tunes Alfa Romeo 4C’s Looks and Guts… Power to 415HP?

Got to love the enthusiasm of tuners when they share us pictures of the upgrades they want to do to a car that has not even been released to dealers yet. The German boys from Pogea Racing have already given the Alfa Romeo 4C a little touch up in the cosmetic department and are apparently going to pump the output up to 415 horsepower too. The aero kit is a real winner for me as I think the 4C is not aggressive looking enough and don’t get me started on those headlights (Pogea should have done something here). To achieve close to double the power output, some significant modification are needed such as; turbochargers, exhaust systems and of course some ECU fiddling. I must be honest, if I were to ever buy or own a 4C I would get this kit put on and then get fully custom headlights to account for Alfa’s mistake in this department…

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