The Worst Lamborghini Aventador I Have Ever Seen

Someone find this owner and hand out a helping of “WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU THINKING”. I initially thought that maybe it was spare wheels simply slapped on but then noticed the brake calipers are opposite colours too! Unfortunately it doesn’t end there because the vents and front intakes have been painted in the same colour as the car making it look like a die-cast model of sorts! This might just be the definition of the saying that money doesn’t buy you taste. This has been done on purpose and the things going through my mind right now are not safe…

“This guy HAS to be a rapper or lucky music artist. I just can’t imagine someone with a big successful company buying a $400,000 car and making it look like his son painted it with a rattlecan.” – InvaderMoose – Luxury4Play

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