BMW M4 Coupe Concept to Debut at Pebble Beach in August

This is HUGE news… Well for me and any other Bimmer fan that is… According to bimmerpost, the BMW M4 Concept Car will be shown at Pebble Beach Concours in August (yes that is next month). It will apparently be flown in for the display and flown back to Germany for IAA in Frankfurt. M3, M4 and X4 will be at the Detroit Auto Show next year in production form. This is a rumor that I like to believe because Pebble Beach have been known to display the most anticipated concept cars at the time and this is certainly one of them. As it is a concept car, we will prob see a few extra bits and pieces or a different set of wheels but we know the BMW production cars do not change that much! I cannot wait… I am holding thumbs for this one!

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