G-Power Make Another Monster… 720HP BMW M3 GT2 R

So you may be thinking yes another mean-machine built for the track has popped up but what makes this exciting is it is 100% road-legal. They call it the M3 GT2 R and it is pushing a supercar matching 720 horses. They started with their M3 GT2 S program and added a supercharger, titanium exhaust, free-flow catalytic converters and a new crankshaft which increases displacement from 4.0 to 4.6 litres. Visually it is anything but standard. It has a full new carbon fibre body which includes; hood, front lip and front and rear skirts. Curb weight now sits at 1500kg which allows it to hit 100km/h in 3.7 seconds and power on to top speed of 330km/h. Obviously the chassis, wheels and brakes needed some attention with all the added power and they have taken care of all of it. Inside you get a roll cage with the interior finished in leather and alcantara. This does not come cheap though because the complete M3 GT2 R package will set you back 195k Euros. Imagine one of these things appearing in your rear-view mirror haha! I would wet myself…

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