Golf 7 GTI Crashed On Launch in South Africa… Safety Features Win!

Well that did not take long but here it is (and I am pretty sure it is the first recorded crash). A brand-new VW Golf 7 GTI has been crashed on a launch in Cape Town, South Africa. Apparently the bakkie (light delivery vehicle) you see in the pictures did a U-turn right in front of the car which left the driver with absolutely no time to react. The impact sent the GTI off the road and flipped the bakkie. The passenger in the car shared some images and thoughts via twitter and mentioned things like “What a day at the office. I was passenger and now I can tell you what being punched by an airbag feels like.” and “The car’s safety equipment and impact absorption was exceptional; it was a big impact & I walked away. We’re all OK”.

Pity to see the stunning new GTI in that shape but very glad all involved were OK.

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