Guest Post: The Chevy EN-V

Innovation with cars has never been brighter. You have to look towards the future and be as creative as you can to compete in this industry because your competitor will out do you quickly. They’ll either gain more popularity through a great concept or they will simply nail it with a great creation team. A good example would be the Fiat with the Lamborghini engine, what a beauty. You may also be familiar with the Dodge fantastic car that was introduced to film in the 2007 motion picture Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

We see this happening because it is fun, experimental and you can only benefit if you do it right. Chevrolet joins the trend with the Chevy EN-V, a small electric car that features a bubble concept.

It is quite unique and futuristic. A key feature to the Chevy EN-V is that it is battery-powered and has the capability to allow manual and autonomous operation.  Reedman Chevy told us, it looks like it belongs in an auto-show but it really can perform on the road—and perform well. It has top speeds in the 25-mph range and gets to 80 mph for 300 miles, and can carry five people. Makers ensure that it will coexist safely with pedestrians, bicycle messengers and other vehicles, yet it won’t feature ideal safety features like airbags and 5-mph bumpers, and this is all because of the maker’s concept that the Chevy En-V won’t have accidents. The car is very promising and it has its life planned out. They’d like to give an introduction to the Tianjin Ecocity, a city with 350,000 people. The goal is to have it on the road by the end of the decade, some issues with this vehicle is that it is a little too small and tight. What it lacks in space it makes up for it convenient travel time and predictability says Chris Borroni-Bird who is the director of Advanced Technology Vehicle Concepts at GM. Giving the vehicle that much time to perfect it is reassuring, and to test it out in such a large scale city will also help the predictions of how the vehicle will be accepted by the rest of the world. GM is taking a smart angle with the Chevy EN-V I predict it to be envious and to see it on the market. Without innovation to take us into the future we have no future, show support before you show disbelief there is enough of that in the world.

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