[Update] Is This 12 Year Old World’s Youngest Ferrari Owner?

Could this be true? Is this the youngest owner of a Ferrari? This 12-year old kid, Callum, from the UK (judging by accent) apparently bought a Ferrari when he was 10. Now he has 3 of them including a 458 Italia and a 599 GTO. He created an app that he sold to Google when he was just 8 years old which was apparently a deal worth $8.5 million. He used this cash very wisely and purchased himself three prancing horses. Now before we get ahead of ourselves, I cannot find any information on the app he apparently sold to Google, I cannot find his surname and the way he answers questions sounds very practiced and rehearsed! I have a feeling this might be a little hoax but another part of me is hoping it is true. What are your thoughts on this story? Watch the video below and let me know…

[Update: This was all a Hoax as I thought… A new video has emerged of Callum admitting to the presenter]

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