LEIB Engineering Tune BMW 1M Coupe to Over 500hp

We have already seen more than enough tuners getting their hands on the 1M Coupe but that doesn’t mean other tuners won’t have a go at it. LEIB Engineering have done just that and if you opt for their biggest system, you will be pushing more than 500hp and 600Nm of torque. The twin-turbo 3.0-litre has been equipped with optimized ECU and new sports exhaust. This allows it to push 400hp which is an increase of 60hp. If you continue to add their larger turbo’s, completely revised cooling and exhaust sytem, then you will be at the big numbers mentioned. Now the looks are not going to win many people over, most certainly not me, but it will turn heads. Matte grey wrap, bootlid spoiler, diffuser, lowered suspension and big fat 20″ Bavaria BC5 wheels finish the package off. I am a big fan of the power but the cosmetics really need to be looked at again!

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