Lumma Design Shows How New BMW X5 Should Look

Previously we have seen Lumma do great things with the X6, and some unique things with the 2014 Range Rover. Now they share with us their package for the all-new BMW X5 F15, called the CLR X 5 RS, which is in between the two I think. Lumma have added massive front intakes which for me are a little out of place with the already massive kidney grilles. I really like the wide bodykit they have added to it which includes wheel arches, side skirts and much more aggressive front and rear bumpers. The wheels they have chosen are massive 23″ concave alloys which complete the tuning package but Lumma are also known for giving the interior a little treatment and this is where it all goes wrong for me. I do not need to explain why as you can see for yourself below. All in all I would love to see this kit (or at least part of it) on the new BMW X5 as I feel it has lost its brutal and masculine looks a little bit.

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