Mercedes-Benz New Mercedes A-Class #YouDrive Campaign

You may recall last autumn’s Mercedes-Benz exciting and innovating campaign to introduce its new A-Class line up to the U.K. audience. It was in October of 2012 that the car maker began to drive what Brand Channel called “Social TV Innovation” with its Twitter #YouDrive campaign. The campaign took place during the popular X-Factor television series and gave viewers/Tweeters the opportunity to interactively decide the outcomes of a plot line of a series of introductory Mercedes A Class adverts. The campaign was designed to take advantage of a new generations’ comfort level with social media in general, and Twitter specifically, and to involve them with the brand. That they did, with the original video receiving over four-million views on the Mercedes A Class YouTube page. The campaign started a buzz about the A-Class that continues today.
Mercedes has now announced that that it is continuing the campaign through the summer. Viewers can once again become a part of the creation of an updated and revised series of new adverts. The campaign has already kicked off with 10’ adverts to tease the latest creations and create excitement and anticipation prior to the full launch on 29 June.

The campaign will then build throughout the summer using 40’ and 60’ TV adverts, and 10’ and 40’ cinema adverts using summer blockbuster opening weekends to movies like “Man of Steel” and “Pacific Rim” to garner even more attention. There will be additional marketing pieces on internet sites like YouTube, MailOnline and Evo.

The refreshed campaign will include scenes from the original #YouDrive from last autumn, along with new scenes and plot lines that will be decided through Twitter activity. The media plan is to engage the users of the social media giant to convert them to test drives and ultimately sales of the Mercedes A-Class line.

The Marketing Director of Mercedes-Benz UK had this to say: “The new A-Class represents a new younger, more dynamic Mercedes-Benz brand, which is reflected in this campaign. It’s a modern Mercedes-Benz that encourages people to do what we know they enjoy. In doing so, we hope to really cut through, and create a positive, lasting impression on their view of the brand.”

Mercedes has positioned their brand as an innovative leader in automotive technology and engineering and is carrying that theme through this cutting edge marketing campaign. Look for it on a television, cinema and computer screen near you.

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