Sebastien Loeb Crushes Pikes Peak Record… Obviously!

First I saw the bonkers Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak a few months back and then when I heard it would be legendary really driver Sebastien Loeb behind the wheel, I knew we were in for a record. Well he did it in 8:13.878 which if you look at last year’s record of 9:46 this is a complete and utter demolishing. Rhys Millen (previous record holder) managed a 9:02.192 this year but is still far from Loeb’s time. Pikes Peak is 12.41 miles long and Loeb managed to average at 145km/h. What an achievement by Peugeot and Loeb! Can’t wait to see the official ‘movie’ on this run… Make it happen Peugeot!

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