Sebastien Loeb’s 2014 WTCC Citroen Racing Car Revealed

The FIA World Touring Championship will host one of the worlds best drivers next year in the form of multiple World Rally Champion, Sebastien Loeb. His car will be based on the Citroen C-Elysee but his car will house the same engine found in his WRC DS3 which is a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine that is capable of 380hp. The overall weight of the car has been kept to 1100kg including Loeb which gives the car a serious power-to-weight ratio of 345hp per tonne. The DS3 he previously drove was 286hp per tonne so I am sure he cannot wait to get inside this thing and start racking up some mileage on the track. The C-Elysee WTCC will be front-wheel-drive and will feature adjustable dampers and brake bias settings that Loeb can fully control from the cockpit. I asked myself why they chose the C-Elysee and not one of their sportier DS cars but I found out rather quickly that the WTCC is a serious where costs play a huge role. Either way I look forward to seeing what Loeb is capable of off the gravel.

The standard C-Elysee
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