The 2014 Facelifted McLaren MP4-12C Spied

For the very first time, the facelifted McLaren 12C was seen testing. Immediately one can see the redesigned front with significantly different headlights. Hiding under the camouflage are thee redesigned headlights as well as new front air intakes. This particular car was a 12C Spider but the Coupe will receive the same updates. We know the 2013 MP4-12C produces a bonkers 616hp from the V8 twin-turbo but the 2014 version will receive some engine modifications too. Engineers have mentioned that the uprated V8 from the P1 may give an indication as to the power we can expect but rumors swirling around that power could go up to a serious 650hp. That will be 90hp more than the 458 Italia and will likely give Lamborghini Aventador something to worry about… Let’s hope we see it at the IAA Frankfurt Auto Show this September!

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