Driven: Jaguar F-Type

After attending the launch of the new F-Type last month and everyone raving about the car I simply could not wait to get behind the wheel. Well, my turn came and went in a flash, the car is incredible.

Thanks to the team at Jaguar Bryanston, I had the opportunity to drive the latest and hottest sports car on the market at the moment. What made it even better was the fact that I got to drive the V6 S followed by the monstrous V8 S.

Getting into the F-Type is an experience on its own as the automatic pop out handles and keyless entry make sure you can sense that you are getting into something a little bit special. The seats have a very sporty feel but at the same time they look properly luxurious. In my honest opinion it makes no difference if you opt for the full electric option (as opposed to semi-auto) because once you are in your comfy position you won’t let anyone else get in the driver’s seat. One of the many options you can select for your F-Type is the sports steering wheel. The V6 S had the standard steering wheel but the V8 S had the sports steering wheel which is a lot more beefier and is in actual fact a whole lot more comfortable during every day driving.

On to the interesting stuff otherwise known as the drive. The V6 S surprised me almost instantly with the generous growl it gave even with gradual acceleration. This meant I was already smiling and I had not even pushed the loud pedal properly yet. This brings me on to another point and if you are seriously considering buying an F-Type soon, choosing the switchable active sports exhaust option is compulsory. The difference in exhaust note in the V6 S is a tad smaller than in the big V8 but even that little difference makes the whole experience just that much more dramatic.

Foot to the floor and this is where the magic happens in both the V6 and the V8. The power is unrelenting and thanks to that supercharger, the acceleration in both is mind-blowingly smooth. The V6 S hits 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds and the V8 S in just 4.3 seconds. A big question on many potential buyers mind’s and it was on my mind prior to this was ‘Is the extra R410 000 worth that 0.6 seconds difference?”. Well the moment I hammered the V8’s peddle to the floor my question was answered. The V8 S is just a sense-shattering experience and something I wish everyone could encounter at least once in their lifetime. The snap-crackle-and pop of the exhaust on the overrun of both the V6 and V8 makes the driving of this hot new sports car even better (if that is possible). I was truly astonished at how much of a leap this is for Jaguar and a leap in a very positive, modern and fascinating direction. The choice between the V6 and V8 is purely up to the buyer because they are both astonishing cars each better in their own way. The only reason I would choose the V8 is purely because of the speed and sound which I am rather addicted to! Everything about this car is revolutionary for Jaguar and I hope to see a lot more where this came from!

The video below is something I put together which includes the drive in the V8, the insane exhaust note and a walk-around of both the cars I drove. Thanks again to all at Jaguar Bryanston (Tammi and Steven) for their offer and fantastic service.

The numbers:
Model / Engine / kW / 0 to 100km/h / Top Speed / Base Price

  • V6    / 3.0 V6 / 250 / 5.3 / 260 / R845 000.00
  • V6 S / 3.0 V6 / 280 / 4.9 / 275 / R975 000.00
  • V8 S / 5.0 V8 / 364 / 4.3 / 300 / R1 385 000.00
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