G-Power Creates Another Monster… BMW M6 With 710 Horses

Everyone loves more horsepower and that is understandable but the guys at G-Power do not know when enough is enough. Their latest creation is a 710hp, 890Nm BMW M6 Monster which is a massive 150hp hike from standard. What changes did they do to achieve this? Well they started by fiddling with the ECU (obviously) and then installed a brand new titanium exhaust system. The results of this mean power increase are the fact that you hit 100km/h in a… never mind because you hit 200km/h in just 10.8 seconds. What makes this G-Power car one of the best is the fact they did not go and ruin it with a ridiculous colour or slap graphics all over it. It still looks as superb as it did when it left the factory albeit riding a little lower on slightly bigger wheels. I would happily drive around in this… Acceleration must be mental!

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